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Remember that time Riley wanted to be a Japanese rock star?


I’ve been trying to piece together who Riley really is and have come across some really interesting information. I’m going to break this into a few post. This post is going to focus on Riley/gisei_nashi_ni/smallblackangel/Seira’s endeavor to become a J-rock/pop band. Lets see how that went:

This is smallblackangel’s other LJ account. He/She was a heavy rper so I’m pretty sure this was just one of her/his rp accounts. You know it’s them because they use the same email account ( and AIM (kyuubishinobi) accounts. Notice they’re requesting a bassist and a keyboardist. Now look below:

Hmm…a few days later they post about needing a lead guitarist in a different community with their smallblackangel account. Do they not need a bassist or keyboardist anymore? And why do they suddenly need a lead guitarist? What could have possibly happened?

Riley conning people out of money by pretending they were ill? I mean, it’s not like Riley ever did that before.

(via fishspeakers)

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    Fixed the misgendering.
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    I used to know Riley on livejournal back in like 2006… god. She really hasn’t changed at all.
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    Yes, it is, mehreenkasana.
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    This is why I don’t want to support her game project. Call me a skeptic but I think it’s pretty odd for someone to...
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    PFFFTAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh DTWPS. You’re so funny. And by funny I mean pathetic.
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    Oh hey, here’s another thing I am not remotely surprised to discover.
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    even more evidence showing how much of a fucking horrible waste of human life DTWPS is
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    Wait, don’t you have to be Japanese to be considered J-rock?
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